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Recipe Ingredients

Preparation for meat to be either barbecued ,roasted or grilled.
Goat meat -1 kg
Onions – 2
Garlic 4
Cotmill 2springs
Meat Masala 11/2 tables spoons
Royco -1 table spoon
Cooking oil- 2table spoons
Salt & Pepper to taste
Tenderizer/raw paw paw ½

Cooking Method

Clean the Goat meat and cut into medium sized pieces.

Peel, cut and crush onions /garlic& cot mill.

Mix with salt, pepper, meat masala, royco ,chopped raw paw paw and cooking oil

Mix meat and mixture thoroughly together, this action is called Marinating. The mixture is Marinade.

Let the mixture stand for 15 to 20 minutes ( The longer the better)

*For Barbecuing-put pieces on skewers

Roasting-Skewer the meat and put on a roasting try or place them eat on
the roasting tray without Skewering and then put in the Oven.

*For Grilling, meat should be filleted i.e cut in thin layers then place them on a grilling rack.

For Barbecuing use open fire or live charcoal.

For Roasting, roast in an oven

For Grilling use a Grill.

Barbecued goat meat

Method is as for Traditional barbecuing but after marinating. The Traditional method doesn’t Marinate.

Roasted Goat Meat

Oven temperature 1500c-1800 C

Preheat the oven

Place meat in a preheated oven

meat is roasted for some time,bast it that is pouring oil or
extractives from the roast on the roasting meat. (This prevents the
roast from drying on the surface and also to have a very good flavor and
texture when ready).

Keep basting and turning the meat if its on skewers or rack,so that it is evenly cooked.

When ready it will be soft/tender and have a good cooked colour and flavour.

Serve with raw vegetables e.g Vegetable salad (Cabbages/carrots/tomatoes/cucumber/onions etc) Colslaw e.t.c

Grilled Goat Meat

The meat is put under a grill cooker. The heat comes from the Top.

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