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It truly is surprising that many of us do not really know the difference between goat and a sheep. I always get excited while explaining this to my friends and family. I took it up as my duty to lay out the differences in this article, which could help you make the right choice when buying meat

  • Intelligent and smart
  • Browses for food at high levels
  • Curious and independent
  • High willingness to get sheltered
  • Gives us mohair & cashmere
  • Tends to run away if spooked
  • Low grazer
  • Comfortable in flock
  • Difficult to be fenced
  • Gives us wool
  • Has beard & horns
  • Flat haired coat (hair)
  • Slender
  • Upper lip isn’t grooved
  • Skyward pointing tail
  • Has mane but mostly no horns
  • Thicker fuller coat (fleece)
  • Tubbier than a goat
  • Grooved upper lip
  • Downward pointing tail
  • Found in abundance in the open
  • Feeds on leaves, vines & twigs
  • Entirely domesticated
  • Grazes on grass, clover & hay
  • Adult goat meat: chevon or mutton
  • Light pink to red
  • Harder, so takes longer to cook
  • Higher in price compared to sheep meat
  • Adult sheep meat: mutton
  • Tender pink to pale read
  • Tender, so gets cooked faster
  • Cheaper as compared to goat meat
NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Per 100 gms of meat)
  • 143 calories
  • 3g fat
  • 75mg cholesterol
  • 86mg sodium
  • 405mg potassium
  • 27g protein
  • 294 calories
  • 21g fat
  • 97mg cholesterol
  • 72mg sodium
  • 310mg potassium
  • 25g protein
  • Post-pregnancy, helps in healing stitches
  • Boran (Most common in Kenya)
  • Macherla
  • Jamanapuri
  • Osmanabadi
  • Telangana Pottel
  • Nellore Pottel

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