Revelers at a pre-wedding party at Bamburi enjoying Nyama Tamu Pro Grillers BBQd meat

Hire Pro Grillers!

Nyama Tamu Pro Meat Grillers specialize in Mobile Hospitality. Their business is a set of mobile bars with which we arrange and set up private functions and deliver a delectable drinks experience. We are happy to cater for kids parties, simpler offerings (beer, wine, juice) though we do excel when we are allowed to Shake & Stir to our client’s content. In brief, we can run the show for you, except for the guests entertainers.

In addition to the bars, we run a Mobile Grill Service where you can order either a spit roast, or goat/pig or using the same grill to run a Mshkaki menu, mutura, skewered meat/veg. we are delighted in serving juicy, sizzling meals to everyone who loves great food.

Nyama Tamu Pro Meat Grillers & Catering offers a unique service, which is really affordable and caters for the exact needs of you and your guests.
You can hire our equipment and staff at really affordable rates.
No Need To Pay Per Head & Only Hire What You Require. You can now cater for 50 or more guests with our assistance for less than half the price. Where our standard rates for meat grilling goes at Kshs5,500/- Only per 10Kgs of meat (if you have bought your meat from Nyama Tamu) and Kshs6,500/- Only per 10Kgs of meat (if you already have meat to grill).

Do feel free to hire our Meat Grillers at Kshs3,500/- Only per day or Request for us to supply you with a brand new Meat Grill that w ill serve you as you intend for it to.

Feast on our signature sandwiches, pulled goat/beef and chicken, meat-rich platters, fresh crunchy salads and a rich selection of sides. All these rich meat offerings coming straight from your trusted source… Nyama Tamu Online Meat Shop Speak to Sam or Becky. Hotline Number: +254 737 877 951.