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Our goat meat is derived from Boran goats that are well-known for their unmistakable organic taste of free-grazing livestock. Goat meat is a kind of red meat since it contains high hemoglobin content, an iron-rich protein found in the muscle of animals, the meat is almost 100% similar to that of a mutton. Goat meat also improves muscle functionality, among other health issues.

  1. Protection against anaemia

Goat meat is rich of iron and calcium, this type of red meat full of calcium and iron can help to cure Anaemia.

  1. Improved muscle mass

Goat can fix and expand bulk, while likewise enhancing physical execution and metabolic action with protein that it occupies.

  1. Better bone health

Goat meat is good source of minerals like phosphorous, vitamins which help to sustain bone density.

  1. Improved immunity system and

Goat meat occupies approximately 30% of zinc which is very necessary for immune system. A weak immune system is a reason of getting weak and suffered.

  1. Skin Health

Omega-3 fatty acids is responsible for healthy skin, since Goat meat is rich with Omega -3 fatty acid the skin gains some antioxidant protection, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

  1. Prevention of birth defects

Goat is a rich source of folic acid which is essential to prevent neural tube defects in newborn children tamina and exercise performance.

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