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Nile Perch Health and Nutrition…

Today, many people are looking for healthy choices in their diet and lifestyles. Fish is an important part of a well-balanced diet, and the Omega-3 fatty acids in our products mean they may provide some particularly compelling health benefits.

Kenya fish products from both the fresh water bodies and the marine waters are healthy products, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,which keep our bodies and minds healthy.

The Nile perch the highest fish export from Kenya is estimated to have 710 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per 100g Nile perch the highest content of Omega-3- found in the fish species. It has gained international recognition and is considered as one of the world greatest table fish.

The Nile perch fish has a delicate taste, mild flavor along with a firm and flaky texture, and can grow to an astounding size and weight.

The ancient Romans and old wives tales believed fish was good for the brain long before anyone took this seriously. Then the 1980s brought with it new discoveries about the health benefits of fish oil.

By then, scientists had noted that despite eskimos living on a regular diet of seal blubber so high in saturated fats, many of them should have been dying from heart attack, but the incidence was virtually zero and their cholesterol levels were no different from our own.

The secret lay in their diet, which included plenty of oily fish, rich in the essential fatty acids called Omega-3 fatty acids, which protected their hearts

This was also true for the Mediterranean populations famous for their diets rich in Olive oil and fish as well as the Japanese whose diet is rich in oily fish.

Omega-3 fatty acids belong to a group of fats called ‘essential’ because they are necessary for our good health. Because we cannot make them in the body, they must be obtained from our diet and consumed regularly. They are not the same as the fats we pile on our waists, hips and thighs.

Omega-3 in fish

The Omega-3 fatty acids maintain good health and protect against disease and are essential throughout life. They are important molecules in the structure and activity of the membranes of all cells in the body.

They are also an important component of the brain and nerve cells and are needed on a second-by-second basis in the regulation of all our biological functions.

As well ,they are essential for the formation of new tissue and are therefore important for development and growth.

All fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids, but they are more concentrated in oily fish like Salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, herring and Nile perch. Of all oily fish, Nile Perch is said to have the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in the world.

Other rich sources of Omega-3 are fish oil capsules and cod liver oil, breast milk, organ meats, and algae.

The most important Omega-3 fatty acids are Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).

Preventing heart disease

EPA is the main player when it comes to preventing heart attacks and strokes.

It thins the blood and prevents the formation of clots, which keeps the arteries that supply the heart, and brain clean allowing healthy blood flow.

It also reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood, lowers the blood pressure and promotes good blood circulation to extreme parts of the body by improving tolerance to cold and decreasing blood vessel spasm.

DHA is an important constituent of the human brain and nerve tissue. Of the solid or non-water part of the brain, 60 per cent is fat.

Of this, DHA makes up about 20 per cent of its dry weight. A foetus needs substantial amounts of DHA for the growth of its eyes, nerves and particularly its brain especially because majority of the brain cells are formed in the last three months of pregnancy.

Babies obtain the DHA they need from the mother in the womb and from breast milk after birth.

A poor supply of DHA for the baby will mean impaired brain growth and a lower IQ. This is why fish oil capsules are now one of the important supplements given to pregnant women.

DHA is also required throughout the first two years of life when the growth of the brain is at its most rapid. This explains why breast feeding is so important as it is rich in DH — and the reason scientists believe breast fed babies have higher IQs than those who are formula fed (unless the formula is fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids).

Omega-3 fatty acids also lower the risk of hyperactivity and other disorders in children, improve brain function in adults and protect against Alzheimer’s disease and Depression.

Hundreds of years ago, people took cod liver oil ‘for all manner of lameness’ — until scientists discovered granny really did know best!

Omega-3 fatty acids keep joints healthy and strong by preventing the breakdown of the joint cartilage that cushions the bones and prevents them from grinding against each other as well as relieve the inflammation that causes joint pain and stiffness.

This reduces the need for strong painkillers in people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disease that affects both young and old, and is due to a defect in the immune system. It triggers it to attack its own tissue in the lining of the joints, resulting in inflammation and destruction of the joint.

Omega-3 fatty acids modulate the immune system and prevent the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and eczema, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease. The Omega-3 assists with the healing of the inner lining of the inflamed intestines and even in those who have already developed these diseases, Omega-3 reduces the severity of the symptoms and the dosage of the drugs used for their treatment.

Protects against cancer

Studies have also shown that Omega-3 fatty acids protects against cancer of the colon, breast and prostate and slows growth of already existing cancer cells.

Fish oil Omega-3 also relieves period pains considerably. A regular intake of fish oil Omega-3 fatty acids in all age groups protects against many modern day diseases that cause premature death.

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