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Organic Chicken, Save Money Eating It…

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, most households have been forced to adjust their expenditure budgets, that goes for food too. At Nyama Tamu, we realize that we can chip-in with some ideas that are well-worth initiating for our customers to better manage their meat expenses. Of course, most of our loyal customers have stuck to their usual consumption of their Weekly/Monthly Meat Plans, the said pandemic  notwithstanding. But while most meat lovers would like to eat our high quality, selected right from the source meat products, it just is not a cheap option. You will be surprised how a slight change effected can make a BIG difference to your wallet, and we’d like to share this one with all our Organic Chicken (Kienyeji) meaters out there.

While the price for meat may be extremely cheap at your local supermarket, you will come to notice the drastic difference in quality of meats between the cheaper options out there and our F2T Organic meats. Simply put, it tastes better and hey it’s hormone free, woohoo! At the very least, I presume you have managed to save some money and that you can now afford to buy some (though not all) of our organic meats at Nyama Tamu . You have every good reason to switch to Quality, Farm-To-Table, Organic meats for you and your family… It is the only way to go and avoid health issues and doctors appointments.Here, we will demonstrate on how to break down our Whole Chicken Kienyeji which will give  you some insights on how to save a couple of dime so that you can be in a position to order Quality meat that are Pasture-raised and full of health benefits for you and/or your family.

The Four Piece and Eight Piece Cut

  • With the chicken on its back, cut along the contour of the thigh. Flip the chicken over and continue to cut along the contour
  • Flip the chicken back on its back and bend the thigh to reveal the joint
  • Locate the joint connecting the thigh to the body with your fingers. Using a sharp knife or a kitchen shear, cut right at the joint.
  • Repeat the same process with the other side

  • With the chicken still on its back, locate the sternum
  • Cut on either side of the sternum
  • Cut into the breast following the contour of the rib cage until you reach the back of the chicken (you might have to cut through the wishbone)
  • Bend the breast meat from the cavity to reveal the joint connecting the wing to the body
  • Cut the joint to separate the breast from the body cavity
  • Repeat on the other side
At this point you will have completed the four piece cut giving you pieces of white and 2 pieces of dark meat. The following are the rest of the instructions to continue with the eight piece cut.
  • To separate the wing, cut along the contour of the wing and repeat with the other breast

  • To remove the leg from the thigh, cut along the contour of the leg
  • Bend the leg to reveal the joint
  • Cut the joint to separate the leg from the thigh
  • Finally, using a paper towel or bare hands, get a grip of the chicken skin and pull it away from the breast
  • Repeat the same with the other breast and the thighs
  • Trim away any fatty tissues

  • Save the bones for stock (and secretly stow away the chicken skin for frying!)
Here’s what the different cuts should look like

how to break down a chicken

You can ORDER your Whole Organic Chicken (Kienyeji) Meat from Nyama Tamu and it will be delivered to your doorstep in minutes!


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