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Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings From Organic Farm…

Chicken Wings straight from the farm to your kitchen table. Prepare yourself a healthy and high protein snack with our Organic Chicken wings. Whether you season or marinate them or throw them on the BBQ, you can eat this feeling guilt-free.

Chicken wings are growing in popularity in the Kenya, as they are a cheap versatile cut.  Great for snacks and appetisers, they are awesome on the BBQ as they go great with just about any ice cold drink.

Our wings are supplied fresh not frozen as two bone wings cut fresh from our farm raised chickens. Order your Chicken Wings Meat from Nyama Tamu and we will deliver to your doorstep.


For easy eating, prepare the wings by cutting them in three parts, across the joints of the wing (the Drumette, the Wingette/Flat and the Tip). Use the Drumette and Flats in your recipe and freeze the tips to use in a chicken stock.

Fresh chilled. use within 2 days of purchase otherwise freeze.