As a fresh meat online shop to multiple food service sectors and highly discerning and loyal customers, we pride ourselves on the quality and higher welfare of our meat products and achieve this by working with some of Kenya’s most respected farmers, slaughterhouses and meat suppliers.

These strong relationships throughout the supply chain ensure that we have full traceability of our products right back to the source, giving each of our customers full peace of mind.

Our Organic range of fresh meats offers solutions to meet your provenance and nutritional needs, whilst providing complete peace of mind from the full traceability and higher welfare standards of our products.

With consumer preferences for provenance increasingly shaping menus across all areas of the eating out market, fresh meat with a provenance story offers fantastic opportunities for chefs and caterers to keep menus current, appealing whilst and reassuring.

“Over 85% of meat consumers prefer to order organic meat that employ sustainability values… 76% of meat consumers believe it is important they know where the meat they buy comes from.”

We work with livestock farmers who want to operate efficient, stable, productive, environmentally responsible and 100% free range (organic) livestock farming. We know that the landscape of farming is changing and, because we are ready to offer our loyal customers the best of meat products, we want to see the legacy continue with sheer consistency.

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